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Within the bounds of Nokias new classification system, this handset belongs to Connect type.At first the model will come in two color schemes black and white.The design of the 6110 is fine, even though it provides slightly odd slider action the auto-opening mechanism doesnt particularly make the halves slide open.One of the explanations was given by the company manager attending the exhibition according to his words, Nokia 6110 is meant to be used mainly in car, where avoiding accidental openings plays a key role. So dont expect a feather-light slider action, but overcomplicating the things is not an option either after all the 6110 does pretty good on this front.At the end of the day the keypad embedded into Nokia N80 is still one of markets best offerings, providing soft feedback and nice click of the keys; whereas the 6110 suffers from hardness and short travel.

The 6110s sound volume is undoubtedly one of its foremost strengths.

The handset houses a QVGA (240x320 pixels, 2.2 inches, 34x45 mm) display, capable of 16 mln. Much like other Nokias offerings, the 6110 comes installed with a mirror layer for the display, making its usage in the sun a bit more like a breeze, and keeping the picture perfectly legible, which is especially vital for navigation mode.

Also the handset carries ambient light sensor, which adjusts backlighting level basing on current light conditions.

After having even a single glimpse of the 6110, you will definitely find out that it is a Nokia standing before you, its characterizing features are highlighted with design each side of the display has a hairline in the middle, putting the screen itself in a sort of crosshair.

Zipping the slider open, you will find GPS bulge on the back, doubling as the receivers antenna.

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