Updating neosat ipro 1000 satellite receiver dating pepe32

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highlite and hit ok on the remote enter the P$ info...

i am grateful for your help and i know a little bit of literature and patinence i can start to enjoy this hobby !!

Receivers do not come from the factory with LS400/500 installed. It was working perfectly fine until i installed the ls 500 module to my linkbox 8000 hd local.

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you should a message on the screen about hidden something..arrow to the right if you are at the top ..

Also just so you guys know I have windows 8.1 and i bought a flash drive with 4gb. I woke up early today because i am really excited in learning all of this. Yes it is normal for the menus & screens to change after loading the 3rd party files.

I am going to follow step by step on how to do this. Then you are ready to follow the directions txs posted starting with this line - Now you need to setup to got Antenna setup and setup one satellite at a time.

go back to the receiver insert the usb in again go to Upgrade by USB again Select the 1.61 file on the top line.. you should only have a backup file (original factory file) and the 1.61 file on it..

t=114359 unzip and put the unzipped abs file on the usb flash drive..

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