Updating libtool

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2.5) could conflict with a given layer or company versioning scheme.Codenames are unique, interesting, and easily identifiable.Once released, the release enters the stable release process at which time a person is assigned as the maintainer for that stable release.This maintainer monitors activity for the release by investigating and handling nominated patches and backport activity.The Yocto project delivers minor (point) releases on an unscheduled basis and are usually driven by the accumulation of enough significant fixes or enhancements to the associated major release.Following are some example past point releases: Each major release receives a codename that identifies the release in the Yocto Project Source Repositories.

the current, in-development branch) are considered for backporting to a stable release.You can also find more information on using the relocatable toolchain in the Yocto Project Application Development and the Extensible Software Development Kit (e SDK) manual.Poky began an open-source project initially developed by Opened Hand.This section provides required packages according to Linux distribution and function.file and then take steps to transfer and run it on a machine that does not meet the minimal Git, tar, and Python requirements.

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