Updating intellisense 2016

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I haven’t checked out yet, but again, please do so with the above links.

The more I dive into NAV 2017, the more I get stimulated to dive deeper .. Next thing that’s new but I’m quite unfamiliar with, is the Media and Media Set datatype.

As mentioned, one of the Extensions that Microsoft is shipping, is the “Sales and Inventory Forecast”. Now, you have a Task Scheduler “service” that you can enable in the Admin Console.

I haven’t gone into it fully, but I like the concept.

Assisted Setup has been handled in this blogpost, was probably created mainly for Dynamics365, but is very interesting for any implementation, in my opinion.

Basically, you can plug your own setup into this page: and up you go with your wizards: The way these wizards are created needs some coding skills (quite some coding on the page). Speaking about simplified setup: it’s also simpler to “.

I don’t know the specifics though – but do check out these links to get yourself familiar: In the demo on the Keynote, Claus showed an app that he built for a phone (looked like it), build in Power Apps (in about 4 hours) with data that was uploaded from 4 NAV instances (and I thought I understood there was also one AX instance) to the Common Data Model – and the Power App got the data from that.

It’s still a question whether we are going to be able to change the code of that particular Extension or not (by creating a dependent extension if necessary). On the product DVD (of the beta), you can only find the files: Who knows, It might be there in the RTM afterall .. The whole intention about Extensions is “not having to change them” anyway.. This was very necessary to combine with extensions. The Application Areas system offers us the ability to define “differentiated user experiences according to application scope”.🙂 (SQL doesn’t really like that..) On top of that, you’re now able to better categorize your Items as well, by the ability to create an were made. I must dive into it technically (and I will handle it shortly in a minute..), but in a way, it’s possible to give the user in-context notifications, and assign an action that the user can execute along with it.It’s now easier to set up with default setups (which you can modify) and you are able to register purchases of fixed assets through a special fixed asset G/L journal where you can also dispose of fixed assets. This is just a great user experience right under the fingertips of the developer.Please try downloading it, then open View- Visual GDB build Startup initialization took 209 msec Searching for active configuration for new.vcxproj... Configuration name = suse12 Searching for active configuration for new.vcxproj...

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