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If you just configured your mail account and are directly presented with a send/receive error, you should start with verifying if your account settings are correct.

You can get this information from your ISP or email administrator.

The option to set the meeting request delivery scope applies to the owner, not the delegate being added, so it is only necessary to include it if you are adding a delegate and you want to change the current setting. Use this cmdlet to change any settings for an existing delegate (or to change the meeting request delivery scope for the owner).

Provide the owner and the existing delegate to modify and, optionally, which setting you want to change. If you want to change just the meeting request delivery scope for the owner, specify any existing delegate, but not any other settings (except the delivery scope).

I didn’t include the option of setting permission for Journal or Notes because, well, who uses them?

The ability to set the permission for Sent Items and Deleted Items is to accommodate those who use GPO to have Outlook store messages sent from another user in that person’s Sent Items folder, and likewise for messages deleted from another mailbox.

The module requires any version of the EWS Managed API and the Exchange cmdlets via remoting, as detailed below.

Upon importing the module, it will check for any version of the EWS Managed API, starting with version 2.0 and working its way back.

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For example, several ISPs have increased their email security settings which could require you to enable SSL or make port changes.

It is only necessary if the command prior to the pipeline will be running a cmdlet that leverages remoting.

Another option is to store the results of the prior command in a variable and then pipeline that into .

If you want to use impersonation, you will want to uncomment line 96. The URL used for EWS is determined by autodiscover of the owner/manager mailbox.

These are the cmdlets the module exposes: The alias for parameter.

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