Updating great plains

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Because the plains during the Rains is of water terrain, Water and Lightning attacks deal 20% more damage than normal, and Earth damage is halved.During rainy weather Fire damage is halved and Lightning damage is boosted, and during heavy rain, Water and Fire damage are both halved and Wind and Lightning attacks are both boosted.(See the Quests section of this article.) While it's wet, most of the plains are covered in water, and stronger monsters come out, especially during heavy rain and thunderstorms (Storm Elementals and Mardu Entites respectively).

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The reason for the tribe wanting the Gil Snapper is that it has the power to calm the beasts of the land, meaning that the tribe is protected from them as long as they have the urn.During the dry, they absorb the suns radiance and glow with an auric brilliance.A village of nomadic herders is located near the middle of the grasslands.Access to this large-puddled area is granted by striking several withered trees in the Giza Plains. The Giza Plains have a unique weather cycle that affects the area's geography.These trees will make up a makeshift bridge, allowing access to the area. The weather begins cycling when the player enters Eruyt Village and is tasked to find the lost viera, Mjrn, in Henne Mines.

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