Updating fstab

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I have allready tried to use the "vers" option, but with no success.using I actually do not know why, but after update the sec=ntlm option for cifs in fstab does not work anymore and forced me to use the option vers=1.0 . I think the new version of cifs uses a more secure dialect.For more information, see Step 2: Create Your Amazon EFS File System in the Amazon EFS Getting Started exercise. You add the script during the Launch Instance wizard of the EC2 management console.For an example of how to launch an EC2 instance from the console, see Getting Started.These determine which file system needs to be dumped, and the order of mounting of file systems. It is also recommended that you should use UUID to identify partition rather than label, as labels can mismatch. You need to create a folder there prior to mounting.

to automatically mount your Amazon EFS file system using the mount helper whenever the Amazon EC2 instance it is mounted on reboots.

Note: After updating the fstab file, unmount manually mounted partitions and type in the terminal.

If you get unwanted results, like wrong permissions, you can update the file accordingly. Then you’ll have to replace the updated file with the fstab.original file created in first step.

For more information on the mount helper, see EFS Mount Helper. You can update the file in your EC2 instance after you connect to the instance for the first time, or you can configure automatic mounting of your EFS file system when you create your EC2 instance.

To automatically remount your Amazon EFS file system directory when the Amazon EC2 instance reboots, you can use the file Note Before you can update the /etc/fstab file of your EC2 instance, make sure that you've already created your Amazon EFS file system.

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