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As you can see there are number of possible systems (and the above list is not even close to being all-inclusive).

So to make the task of covering this topic less epic, I will cover the Ubuntu and Fedora systems.

And through the process of updating a system, you should be able to tell exactly why this is the case. Ubuntu uses two different tools for system update: The Update Manger is a nearly 100% automatic tool.

When the Update Manager opens click the Check button to see if there are updates available.Well, in the case of Firefox updates I’d still recommend checking for updates every once in a while. Having doubts about the actual update steps to carry out? That means that, if you’ve installed Mozilla Firefox with its default settings on your computer, Firefox will indeed take care of all that for you. Well, whenever you see a screen similar to this when you start Firefox, you’ll have a pretty strong indication that Firefox is doing its job to make sure to check for a Mozilla Firefox update.Or at least make sure that you know which version you’re running so you can form an idea of how many versions you are “behind”. As always is the case with automated processes, my advice to you would be to pay attention and check every now and then that the automation still works as expected.There are is a new tool in development (Ksplice)¬† that allow even the update of a kernel to not require a reboot.Once all of the updates are complete the Update Manage main window will return reporting that .

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