Updating facebook status from twitter dating a man who is getting divorced

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For example, you may have a Twitter and Facebook for your brand, company/business, or blog. Click on the “your pages” tab and enter the Twitter username that you want to use to update a specific fan page; you can do this for each fan page that you own.

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Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial that explains How to Update Facebook Status From Twitter.

What is the best way to update Twitter with my Facebook status?

I've tried using the Facebook status RSS feed with Twitterfeed, but Facebook doesn't seem to have RSS feeds for your own status updates anymore. You can do this using Seesmic Desktop 2 You add your Twitter & Facebook accounts and then when posting you make sure that both are selected (the green circle) EDIT: After a bit more digging - I think you should be able to use You need to register with them and then install the Facebook Application.

You'd have to build your own and hardcode in your password to log in for you.

I doubt a facebook app could do this, I'm not entirely sure how offline access works.

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