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The house is old, and the electrical is original, so some of the outlets and switches are either temperamental or don’t work at all.In addition, nothing’s been updated to ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), which prevent accidental electrocution.If you don't want to remove drywall, then you'll be running most of the wires through the attic or the crawl space.Prepare for that by moving insulation away from the walls through which you need to pass the wires and marking the existing wires you need to remove.If the picture of this breaker box doesn’t scare the pants off you, then you are one crazy, living on the edge kinda person.

Also, way too much use of electrical tape to patch things up.

I always think that the biggest fears we have regarding old houses lie in the unknown. So, take this opportunity to do a little detective work on your house or get your electrical system checked out by a pro so you know what you’re dealing with.

We bought our first house almost a year ago now, and there are several items on my ever-expanding to-do list related to my home’s electrical system.

They will be able to make suggestions based on their experience to help you have as safe a house as possible.

I hope you learned as much as I did from my interview with Steele.

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