Updating e71 firmware

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PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK....:: Download official Nokia firmware without Navifirm ::.. Latest version of Nokia Suite (version 2013_13_4_4) 2. After Nokia Suite installs, copy and replace the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Product Support Tool For Store 5.0 if youre running a 64-bit version of Windows.

I will not be responsible for any damage your device may incur during the manual flashing.

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If you make a voluntary donation , make a PM to thank you and tell you that project employ, all donations .

Remove All USB Devices from your computer as they will conflict with Pheonix. (Windows Vista, 7: right click - run as administrator; XP: login with administrator privileges) 4. That means the connection is working between mobile phone and computer. You may try to install the minor data packages, use Navifirm to download the suitable firmware, or choose other product code's firmware by clicking on "..." button. Click on "Update Software" button to start the flashing procedure.

This including Keyboards, Mice, USB Drives etc etc 2. (You may click on Refurbish button, but in that case the user data and applications will be erased, and phone will be reseted to factory settings.) Do not remove the mobile phone from data cable. Check the firmware version of the phone by entering *#0000# Visit Nokia Phoenix Service Software - Possible error messages section for more.

But what I was not prepared for was that the phone refused to connect to the Internet.

I tried using all the available access point, but of no avail.

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