Updating e mails

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Your computer or browser settings could make it difficult to use Full-featured Yahoo Mail.

If your system doesn't meet these requirements, you'll be automatically switched to Basic Mail for better performance.

In Outlook 2013, there is no option to select the Deleted Items (Trash) folder for your Gmail IMAP account as Outlook 2013 takes great care to autodetect that.

To process the items that you delete and actually delete them, you need to enable the option to purge the items when switching folders.

Is there a way to set it up so that when I delete it from Outlook, it is also deleted from Gmail?

As Gmail was set up with the thought of “never need to delete an email again”, the default configuration of Gmail is to archive your messages rather than deleting it.

Hi, I have recently changed computers, but transferred my Microsoft office programme to the new laptop.

Unfortunately although I have been sending messages and they are being received by others, they do not appear in the "Sent" folder so I have no way of tracking my emails.

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You may be automatically switched based on your system preferences or you can choose to switch on your own.

You can check with the vendor of the add-in to verify its compatibility.

If you run into issues with Outlook after the upgrade, start with disabling your add-ins.

If you do not plan to use any of the Office applications of a previous version of Office, it is recommended to completely uninstall the Office suite before starting the installation process of Office 2016 unless you are using Office 365.

This is because an upgrade process will still leave several (support) components installed.

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