Updating database with adapter

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If instead you want all Oracle database objects to be offered, you just need to empty the contents of this field.Authentication: You can either select to use Windows (trusted connection) or Oracle here.However, when using the “TSN Names” connection mode it requires an Oracle client that is installed and functionally configured.Database or TNS: This tells Flow Heater which Oracle database it should connect to.This confirms how you want Flow Heater to login to the Oracle database.

Ignore existing records: During an import and when this option is checked, records that already exist in the table are ignored.

The information about the fields is then loaded into the field list to the left of this button.

Note: The fields in the field list can be ordered in any sequence required.

Warning: If you make changes here it can result in more than one record being updated with an Update!

Automatically strip spaces from the start and end of content: If you check this option an auto trim of whitespace characters will be carried out on STRING data types.

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