Updating database of binaries

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Above I’ve tried to give some guidance on what to do depending on where it dies. It’s a web-platform, a database engine of sorts, an apps framework, a service-engine (search/user-profiles/etc), and lots more.There’s just lots of moving parts to it, and that’s before we talk about customisations. My best advice is to have another Share Point farm so Share Point can be patched without any downtime; that way there’s no immediate pressure to get everything done ASAP as there’s no service outage.

The most common questions I hear about Share Point upgrades are below. Share Point isn’t just one product for one thing; it’s actually several products lumped under the umbrella name of Share Point Server so a patch may update 10-20 products that would otherwise have to be done one-by-one.It’s pretty simple really; for each server in the Share Point farm you have to install the binaries 1, which can be done in parallel.Once each server is binary patched, you need to run the Share Point Configuration Wizard (PSConfig GUI is the process name, or PSConfig – the command-line equivalent) to finish the job on each server, one-by-one.PSConfig will also upgrade the databases as part of the final upgrade process too.This Share Point update process is broken down in more detail in a previous post here.

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