Updating client hardware definitions

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For systems and networks impacted by these events, the answer is generally ‘no’ or ‘not consistently.’” Forrester Research recently observed that for nine recent security exploits affecting Microsoft environments, on average, software patches were available weeks or months in advance of the worm/virus event.CERT calculates the financial damage from these security intrusions worldwide at around billion annually.However, Microsoft readily admits that communicating clearly has proven to be a daunting challenge at times.For example, customers searched four different Web sites for security update management content and complained that the security rating levels were unclear and that terminology and naming conventions were inconsistent.Customers can sign up to be notified via e-mail when the latest Security Bulletins are posted with versions for business IT professionals and end users.In the past year, based on customer feedback, Microsoft made the following improvements to the Security Bulletin Notification Service: Each Microsoft product grew over the years with innovation and development focused primarily on helping customers meet their deployment objectives in a variety of situations.

Consistent, repeatable processes, reliable auditing and reporting against policy, and effective change control can drastically reduce the level of uncertainty and risk throughout the IT infrastructure.According to the CERT Coordination Center, a center of Internet security expertise located at Carnegie Mellon University, “most intrusions result from exploitation of known vulnerabilities, configuration errors, or virus attacks where countermeasures were available, including most major Internet worm/virus events.Countermeasures are available for most exploited vulnerabilities, but are they deployed?According to industry analysts at Forrester Research, there will be 35 million remote users by 2005 and 14 billion devices on the Internet by 2010.These interconnection paths are potentially susceptible to access by unauthorized individuals.

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