Updating baseband marshall jtm 45 dating

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If you are unsure about any of the following instructions or warnings, please head on over to our forums!

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Word is that an unlock is being developed for the i Phone 4 as well, however no time table has been given.Muscle Nerd and the i Phone Dev-Team have released their long awaited update to Ultrasn0w which will use i Pad's old baseband () from i OS 3.2.2 to unlock anyone stuck at basebands 5.14.01, 5.14.02 or 5.15.05 for the i Phone 3G and i Phone 3GS.Ultrasn0w requires you to be jailbroken and to use pwnagetool to upgrade your baseband firmware to i Pad's baseband.Also checkout our guide on how to put i Phone in DFU mode.Once you’ve successfully entered your i Phone in DFU mode, Red Sn0w will exploit it using Limera1n.

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