Updating airline technology

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It’s gone a long way from that great day, civil flights became an ordinary thing, and there is a competitive market of air transport providers.

Today’s traveler expects from airlines far more than moving passengers from one place to another.

It’s an excellent occasion to cheer up clients and offer personalized routes and travel care offers (connecting flights, available accommodation en route, perks for loyal clients, lounge zones, etc.) for the next fascinating trips.

Up to American Express, 85% of surveyed respondents preferred customized itineraries to general, mass-market offerings.

Multiple service providers are hidden from their eyes.Its peculiarity is in flight connection option largely.Hybris is linked to flight searching systems which enable customers to immediately find and book convenient flight connections without being constrained by one airline company.Airlines joined in an improvement which can take under control distribution of their products.Until then it was an arduous task to find out which products (basic or ancillary) are on demand, to whom they should be offered and at what price.

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