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If you are planning to use a view in a procedure that requires variable names, then you must supply column aliases that you can reference as variable names in other procedures.

For more information, see Using SQL Procedure Views in SAS Software. NEWCONTINENTS is defined as: select continent, SUM(population) as totpop label='Total Population' format=COMMA15.0, SUM(area) as totarea label='Total Area' format=COMMA15.0 from SQL.

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Before SQL Server 2012 offers the Always On, updating a SQL Server instance without downtime for the databases were impossible, as far as I know.

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label='Total Population', sum(area) as totarea format=comma15. label='Total Area' from sql.countries group by continent; select * from sql.newcontinents; Current Population Information for Continents Total Continent Population Total Area --------------------------------------------------------------------- 384,772 876,800 Africa 710,529,592 11,299,595 Asia 3,381,858,879 12,198,325 Australia 18,255,944 2,966,200 Central America and Caribbean 66,815,930 291,463 Europe 813,335,288 9,167,084 North America 384,801,818 8,393,092 Oceania 5,342,368 129,600 South America 317,568,801 6,885,418 In this example, each column has a name.

If you have Always On AG configured then starting updating the SQL Server instances that holds the Secondary Replicas.

After that perform a manual failover from the Principal Replica AG to one of the Secondary Replica and you can now update the old Primary Replica node.

For SAS/ACCESS librefs, PROC SQL establishes a connection to a DBMS.

The scope of the libref is local to the view and does not conflict with any identically named librefs in the SAS session.

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