Updating a tom tom sat nav

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(It was never even driven because he didn't have the key. I've even met some people who sware their "guy" is the best.

I'm a former mechanic, and usually astonished at what most shops get away with. (Six cylinder Ford Vallant, and the shop owner told my friend business was slow that week, and he needed money.)To a Franchise owner at Aamco (San Rafael, ca) who told he the tranny was going into limp mode when he test drove it, and then brought me into the office to look at the cutaway model.A necessary decision to move away from older designs? Some product descriptions continue to state that maps on the devices will update multiple times a year "for the lifetime of your device".I was never tasked with trying to find ways to wiggle out of it. No bullshit, no fine print, take it in once or twice a year, no questions asked.Nope, it was "hey, mikestew, '72 'stang out there, check the brakes. And I'll tell you why Firestone doesn't mind: they'll more than likely find something else that needs work (not trying to rip you off, folks, that's just the nature of mechanical things) and make some money off that.

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