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The former write-in candidate for Arizona governor traveled to Ukraine looking for love.

He ended up hungry and sick in a homeless shelter — the victim of an Internet dating scam.

I am not saying that all the dating sites that contain Ukrainian women are scams as many men have used these but research has shown that this is where the majority of the dating scams originate from.

But there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success and decrease your chances of getting ripped off.

These scammers are relentless and will continuously try new tactics and tricks to find their next target.

I encourage you to take note of the advice I have given and take your time.

Within no time, the “bait” quickly falls in love with the victim and starts planning her trip to come and see him.

In reality, this is not going to happen The potential victims are lead to believe that the lovely young women they are talking to are looking for love and have picked the unaware target as “the right one”.

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They will promise him a first meeting that will be hot and passionate but the only thing hot in the end is the person who has been scammed once they realize they have spent their savings on someone that does not exist or they have other motives than love.If you are convinced that the person is legitimate, go to that person’s country and meet them in a very public place for your first meeting.Just keep the above information in the back of your mind when you are searching for the wonderful Ukrainian women on a dating site.Sometimes these pictures will be from years before, when the woman was younger or more attractive.Other times, these Ukraine women scam men by showing pictures of someone else entirely, just so that the man will fall for them.

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