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Born Anna-Catherine Hartley in 1987, Uffie (nick-named after the French word for egg by her dad) is a Miami born, Hong Kong raised, Paris based electro pop brat who specializes in obnoxious, studiously lazy club bangers that sound like Tao Lin’s being intoned through autotune by Peaches and Crookers. But last time we checked it doesn't give you carte blanche to start talking about her like she's Imelda Marcos crossed with Mata Hari and Margret Thatcher. But given that 'ADD SUV' is supposed to be poking fun at materialism and that commercial hip hop lifestyle... So this track was really missing something and I knew his voice would be perfect and thankfully he was in town and I just had to call him. I like her music and I think she's great but not so much an influence. In that case what sort of music do you listen to right now when you're at home? U: No, he actually moved to France because of his work. U: Well I guess it must seem strange but it wasn't for me because it was the only thing I knew. is a very enjoyable rather than earth-shattering debut with the oldest song ‘Pop The Glock’ being one of the least satisfying tracks on offer. So, first of all I wanted to say that I'm enjoying the album. How much of an influence has he been on you creatively? And musically I grew up around albums by people like Greg Lake, Bob Marley and Pink Floyd. I remember going out to the markets when I was a kid and being fine. There are islands around it, so you can escape out of the big city and the pollution if you need to. Was the inclusion of Siouxsie and the Banshees' 'Hong Kong Garden' in anyway a tribute? well, I love the song anyway, so I chose it because of that... When I came out people were always saying: "You're the queen of the hipsters" but I didn't even know what a hipster was. Those who don't learn from history's mistakes are forced to repeat them Uffie right? So how do you know Pharrell and how was it working with him on 'ADD SUV'? I mean the thing you have to remember is that I'm not the one who's said that I'm a rapper. Outshining this are the Pharrell collaboration ‘ADD SUV’, the title track which is based round an audacious Velvet Underground sample, a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ ‘Hong Kong Garden’, a great Rapture collab ‘Illusion Of Love’ and the drop dead smooth, power ballad riffing ‘First Love’. I didn't know either until I asked someone on the internet.) But it’s this kind of detail, added to the fact that she’s from money, has moved round a lot, is young and good looking and signed to hipster label Ed Banger, that is being used to justify an unpleasant amount of vitriolic misogyny being aimed in her direction. And he was into Rammstein so I guess he gave me a little edge with that. and it always surprises me how few people know it, so I thought it would be fun. It's very interesting that you split the vote completely. I was actually interviewing Siouxsie Sioux last year and in a weird sort of way she actually comes from a similar kind of background to you. I'm like the nerdy, uncool person, so it's kind of annoying when people are like: "Yeah, one of the cool kids." Oh do come on! U: I think when I was 19 I did a show with him in Japan and he was super awesome and he's been one of my favourite artists for a long time... And when I was working on ‘ADD’, he was my dream collaborator so I thought 'Well, why not ask. You know, I don't think I've ever made out with an MC... U: You know, when I go on tour I'm going to ask everyone this! Do you feel like you get competitive heat from other female rappers who get easier press than you? After I interviewed him, I felt like I had just come home from a war zone. and I have to stress that I don't think they've ripped you off or bitten your style but that you may have created a need for an artist like you to be there? You've already told me why you've been away for a few years but while you were away do you think the gap of your absence has been filled by other artists such as Lady Gaga... It leaves me pining for the dance floor every time." Galantis has confirmed select headline summer tour dates including major festival performances at Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, Electric Forest and Ultra Europe. Galantis is the Swedish production duo Christian Karlsson (also of Bloodshy & Avant and Miike Snow) and Linus Eklöw (Style of Eye).The group's second album The Aviarydebuted as a top 10 album in 23 countries and received widespread critical praise.

Now you're a non-national, English speaking woman, do you still get any radio play? And what we've been discussing today in the office the most: is that really you playing saxophone on ‘MCs Can Kiss’? U: [laughing] I don't know what this guy's problem is but on the credits I think it even says something like he wrote it. Uffie is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, musician, and fashion designer.She first made international waves via Paris with her first single "Pop the Glock" in 2006.and since then, Uffie's music has always stuck with us." while Uffie adds, "Spaceships and summer are like milk and cookies...it's just so right!I am thrilled to collaborate with the very talented Galantis duo on a track I love so much.

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