Truth in dating finding love by getting real

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We’ll run into each other’s arms and kiss while some cheap cover of a George Michael song comes on in the background.

It’s snowing or raining or some other form of romantic precipitation and the struggles we’ve gone through won’t matter anymore because the movie is over and as the screen fades to black, we know without a doubt that we will live happily ever after.

If it’s alarmingly easy to point out serious problems with your romantic (and even sometimes platonic) relationships, they shouldn’t be ignored just because of your affection toward them.

Being “in love” is not an excuse to put your heart and mind in a dangerously unhealthy situation.

But there is no such thing as pursuing a life-long partnership without doubt.

However, there is still the hesitance of admitting that you met your significant other on Tinder or or some other site of that nature.

To fully pursue a relationship through online dating, a certain amount of trust is necessary.

And with trust comes the high risk of getting let down and hurt. I know of several friends who have met someone through Tinder and are now in committed, loving relationships, so I do know that it’s possible.

However, I personally think it’s a lovely concept and if used for their intended purpose, dating sites have the potential to be successful, and even a little fun!

I like to think of the classic “Chick-flick” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, “You’ve Got Mail,” as a golden example.

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