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I normally go to his place (we live in a small, boring city and it’s winter) talk for a couple hours and then have sober sex.

He’s cute with me, even outside of sex, but we’re trying to keep this a secret (at least for now) since gossip sucks when it’s about you.

"You can see old photos of us, and he's wearing men's suits and a buzz cut our first year together," Diane says. he's wearing capri pants and belly tees and a ponytail." Because he felt so secure in his masculinity while still living as Suzy, Jacob (then a park ranger) was equally comfortable if Diane, as she puts its, "Barbie'd him up." Suzy was, after all, a stereotypically hot, blue-eyed blonde.

From the day we're born to the day we die, we're in flux.

But while we were together, she often said things like, "I wish I had a penis" or "It must be nice to be a dude." Because we live in a society where it isn't unusual for a woman to hate her body, it sounded normal enough to me.

Diane says Jacob, similarly to Oliver, was his most feminine right before he transitioned.

I get wanting to avoid being a tragic Instagram couple, live streaming your brunch two weeks into your fling. Probs no one cares if they see you in public standing next to someone—no offense.

Technically speaking, I have no more business using the word "boyfriend." It's part of my past, along with worrying about where my next sex act would be coming from. It seems to carry a legacy of problems that infantilize adult relationships.

We raised foster kids, went through a miscarriage, decided to become childless. And in the absence of knowing, I can only hope that whomever he is with now sees him as complete: not a project, not in need of fixing, and not anything but exactly who he needs to be.

So I have this friend from college, and six weeks ago it turned into something physical.

I naturally just fell in love with people regardless of gender, creed, or religion.

Chalk it up to the freedom of a New York City upbringing and the enlightenment of all sorts of areas of philosophical study; but I have always been very comfortable with the fluidity of my sexuality.

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