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The Aryan (pastoral tribes of the steppe regions) invasion of India leads to their caste system; the invaders are the favored class.Iron weapons rapidly replace bronze and become common throughout Europe, the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, and elsewhere.I am an accountant by profession, not a historian, political scientist, economist, or scientist, and this essay should to be read with that in mind.The radicalizing experience of pursuing alternative energy woke me up to the extent that I created this website.Safe chatrooms for teenagers, talk to young people from all over the world.

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Not many Americans will find this essay an enjoyable read, but that is not its purpose.

Large mammals become extinct in South America, which was not covered in a continental ice sheet.

Hunter-gatherer lifestyle is increasingly unsustainable. Domestication Revolution begins in Fertile Crescent and the Americas. Migration wave of pastoral societies from steppe regions (generally between the Caspian and Black Seas) into the Fertile Crescent, India, and Europe.

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