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The program has a simple and easy to use interface.Similar Picture Find is a free tool for searching duplicate images in a collection of images.It shows you the results with visually duplicate images. Similar Image Finder is a free software to find duplicate images from a selected folder.You can add folders to search for duplicate images and then by clicking Start Searching button you will find all the visually duplicate files easily.It lets you find duplicate image files and you can remove them easily by using it.Duplicate images take a lot of disk space on your hard disk and to identify and delete them manually is a difficult task.First add the folder then click Library Search and then click Reverse Image Search from the sub menu.

After searching it will show you the complete list of duplicate images with their thumbnails.

It is a standalone JAR file and requires java installed on your PC to run.

It can search for duplicate image files in any selected folder.

All these duplicate photo finder software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC.

These duplicate photo finder software offer various features, like: find duplicate pictures/images in the desired folder(s), search for similar pixels in images, supports various common image formats including: JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, ICO, PNG etc., show the results with thumbnails, compare different size images with different resolution, search corrected color images, and more.

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