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She doesn’t do any marketing or advertising for her business. The most challenging clients to help are those who are too set in their own ways—usually men and women over forty who have never been married or had children.

“Many have never been in a serious relationship and think they deserve something that is unrealistic.” Yet no matter how specific a single’s needs are, Katie almost always makes a match, even if not on the first try.

Everywhere Katie Chen goes—The OC Mix, the gym, the bar, a restaurant—she approaches strangers and asks them one question: are you single?

Then if they are, she invites them to join the totally free dating site and fill out a profile.

Joining a totally free dating site is the way to go for women. Some men are over 40, have never been married or had kids, and have unrealistic expectations—a woman under 35 who models, runs and doesn’t smoke or drink.

Some have fetishes—women with nice feet; ladies who don’t have fake breasts.

Next, Katie invites them to meet with her in person to get an idea of what they’re looking for and some background information on their dating history.

She maintains a strict and confidential database of all of the people who shown interest in her service.

They drive to work or to the gym or to drop their kids off at school. Singles often have trouble meeting one another because bars and gyms are often the only places where two singles might happen to interact.Our site has always been totally free and always will be; you can bank on it!Our site allows you access every feature with no credit card required or even signing up.She asks them questions like “What happened with your last relationships? ” Finally, from a person’s answers to these questions, Katie decides whether or not she can help him or her. If she feels she might have one or two people in her database that might be good matches for each other, she gets to work immediately. “It allows me to be very personal and put together a package for every person.Katie takes on male paying clients in their late 20s up to age 70. I keep everything intimate and small so I have everyone on the top of my mind,” Katie said.

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