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I get a much lighter rasberry note on first spray, theres no sickly sweet synthetic sugaryness i got last time.

In 2012, the designers have decided to "return to the roots" and to re-launch the two fragrances.It's okay, not at all what I expected but it's alright.I probably couldn't have picked out the marshmallow-note as marshmallow, just something sweet but when you know it it kinda makes sense. A little disappointed since I hoped for a "love" but that's on me, shouldn't be blind buying like a maniac.I wouldn't purchase it again for I am not a fan of sweet scents.So after smelling this about a year and a half ago and getting nothing more than a blast of synthetic berry that disappeared within the hour, i bought a bottle online to give it another try; it was a good deal, thats why i got it lol.

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