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As such our nervous system goes into a kind of overdrive; team really like public speaking. But, public speaking is many people’s biggest fear.

Does your stomach twist up at the thought of presenting in front of people?

The lack of light means we can’t see potential dangers, which naturally means we get tense and prepared for a whole host of potentially dangers that may be lurking.

Of course, the real danger is walking into low objects or falling down ditches, and no amount of heavy breathing, muscle tension or heart-beating can prevent that!

Just one droplet of its venom is enough to kill about one thousand mice.

So, maybe there’s a reason to be scared of spiders after all.

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Did you know that it’s actually really safe to be in a plane or a car during a lightning storm?

However, some pretty awesome and powerful spiders can be found in other parts of the world.

The largest species is the Goliath Bird-Eater spider – with such an impressive name you would expect it to do a lot of damage!

However, the venom in its bite is relatively mild and more irritating than dangerous, and it rarely actually eats birds – it usually prefers to feast on insects and fellow invertebrates. well, it’s hard to be entirely sure – scientists are always finding new ones – but it is currently the Patu Digua, and when fully grown is no bigger than a pinhead.

And the most poisonous spider, has to be the Brazilian Wandering Spider.

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