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This series of videos on You Tube focus on a puppet named Buddy. It was created by youth and adult partners from the National Youth Action Council on Transition (Youth ACT).

Buddy needs help learning how to have proper table manners, eating in a restaurant, and overcoming other social challenges. It is written for adolescents looking for employment.

Children earn virtual stickers for cleaning the teeth and can save the stickers to their device’s photo album.

Other pages of the game feature brushing the teeth with a fireman on a skateboard toothbrush, assembling puzzle teeth, and decorating a fire station.

Personalize scenes with audio messages, video clips, symbols, and links to other scenes.

A new feature allows you to create and print custom communication books.

They can be assigned as independent or group classwork, or as homework.

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As autism awareness has grown dramatically in recent years, many young adults and adults have learned the signs and felt there may be a connection between their feelings and behaviors and the symptoms of autism. A Guide for Adults” was designed to help adults who suspect they may have autism, as well as those recently diagnosed with the disorder.

The toolkit includes steps you can take to establish trusting relationships, reduce confusion and fear, and encourage opportunities for law enforcement agencies to get to know members of their community who may be at increased risk due to behaviors commonly associated with autism.

A tool for parents, therapists and educators to help teach pre-writing skills to children in order to build a strong foundation for beginning printers.

NAA’s Meet the Police safety initiative is a free, downloadable toolkit for individuals with autism, parents or caregivers who are concerned about their loved one’s safety in the community.

The purpose of this program is to help enhance the quality of interactions between individuals with autism and members of law enforcement.

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