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A pity, because I totally love the scent, so nice and different from modern fruity florals. Reading the reviews had made me believe that I would love this fragrance, but I just don’t. It is spicy but has a sweet side to it that doesn't work very well. I was expecting it to be spicier, but it is actually safe. My grandmother wore Opium,red door and this perfume when I was a kid and still kinda does. Interesting reading the reviews saying people wore this in high school and college; hard to imagine the 16-22 year old set rocking this nowadays, to be honest. I have a few others but these two are the ones I tend to reach for the most. a combination of Dana's Tabu and YSL's Opium Less spicy than Tabu Less smokey than Opium mixed in its own way for me this smells more oriental than both Tabu and Opium and nothing like Must de Cartier Md C has rosewood inside which is identical but anyway, a like for me for the price and the product i think this one is so classic Obsession was my signature scent for about 12 years, so I'm pretty sure I remember it quite well... I must have liked it then, but later I gave it up for CKOne- which my high school/college boyfriend liked. And from THAT my obsession veered from gourmand to vintage potions. Alright, time to buy Obsession, even if it's a cheap smaller bottle. The new one is thin with a nasty green-ness to it that stays about ten minutes.

EDIT: Maybe something changed in my head or I'm just applying loads of it (6-8 sprays), but now I'm getting nice longevity. There is a cloying sweet note that permeates throughout the whole thing and it throws the composition way off balance. i think it can be a good introduction into spicy perfumes. I have been wearing Obsession since the 90's and it works great with my body chemistry. I get compliments on Obsession all the time, it lasts from morning until evening, and it's very inexpensive. I bought this again a few days ago and I must say I don't understand the complaints about the reforrmulation... I think I wore it because my best friend did, and she wore it because her older sister did. Then I spent many years with NO PERFUME (the horror) and out of the blue I asked for Fantasy for Xmas. ) Fantasy snow-balled into a full on, gourmand obsession... (not always a vintage concentration, but perfumes that have been around forever and smell like a different era) After buying Youth Dew and Tabu (both of which I wrote off and regret now. Hate it, and I hate that many never got to smell the original and call this atrocity wonderful. Unbeatable in sillage and longevity for me, Obsession, I spray on my bathrobe and I can still smell it 2 weeks later, I love the scent, but if you don't...would be very trying....

I can appreciate the strength behind the vintage but I don't feel feminine when I wear it, I feel a bit self conscious and masculine and that says alot since normally I can rock a couple sprays of Youth-Dew and not give a damn what anyone thinks. Or covered in that awful burning rubber smell when a car has been running for ages.

But, Youth-Dew is a feminine scent anyhow :) Vintage Obsession makes me think of red flannel and chest hair.. Couldn't wait to get it off and apply my Lou Lou again!

Online shops offers: Fragrance 3 items for 19.49 - 27.94 USDFragrance EUR 4 items for 20.06 - 28.56 EURFragrance 4 items for 23.39 - 33.29 1 product for 24.95 GBPStrawberry EUR 3 items for 26.00 - 56.00 EURView products... Top notes are green notes, mandarin orange, vanilla, peach, basil, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are spices, coriander, sandalwood, orange blossom, jasmine, oakmoss, cedar and rose; base notes are amber, musk, civet, vanilla, vetiver and incense. As a fruity floral sweet lover too lol it’s summer it’s hot and I blast this on.

Obsession by Calvin Klein is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women. Sweet spicy and yummy so 80s but awesome Classic vintages vs The Millenials in the tropics We're currently on a vacation on our home country where everyone and by everyone I mean everyone wears the fragrance in the fruity,florals,citrusy,clean musk and aquatic category. As for me who is under the age of 20, I came into around people as an offender when it comes to this perfume as of people are not really well versed to this spicy-powdery-smokey perfume.

I love this scent so much because the sweetness and spiciness and powderiness of it reminds me of YSL's opium(Hell of a nuclear).

It just brings me back to my childhood during a special event when my mom wears this or Coco by Chanel.

Very surprised that the rating on this fragrance isn't higher than it is. You do have to be careful when applying this one though. luckily winter lasts about 8 months here) I realized that Tabu most reminded me of Obsession... I'm still from that rural small town, so my purchases are almost always blind buys from ebay. I remember it was my first day of school;first grade to be exact,and I had missed the bus and she volunteered to take me.I don't understand what's the deal with this perfume. It's a strong statement fragrance, and I can see how it's not for everyone. It is not sharp and suffocating old lady oriental, its milder and sweeter. This is a blasphemous reformulation and I'll never ever, ever, get over it.I had never tried it before, and bought it because it is supposed to be a really big performer. I got the bottle without the gold ring, I know this isn't the best version (it's the current one, though), but one hour (2, at best) seems too short lived for me. I think it's moderate because if I can smell it crearly on me, someone close to me should get it as well. It's up there with Elizabeth Arden's red door and Opium. Definitely not a style of perfume common currently- no sparkle, no fruity-floral, no food or sugar notes. I have tried expensive parfums that don't perform nearly as well as this one does. ) It was thick and sweet, but spicy, musky, and incensey. The original was a deep,rich, luscious, creamy vanilla caramel clove and lasted for days.Many years later I purchased a small bottle of this for a very reasonable price and upon smelling Obsession thats when I remembered that day.This fragrance is spicy and woody and on my skin it lasts a long time.

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