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When in a different state from the one you live in, your phone is practically always roaming.

The majority of people think that the capital of Mexico is Mexico City. The actual capital is Distrito Federal (DF) – the Federal District.

Their opinion is based on stereotypes and bad press and because of this they’re scared to go to Mexico, but not many people actually know what is Mexico known for. The country is divided into 31 states, plus the Federal District.

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Assuming that all Mexicans have dark skin and black hair is a huge mistake as there are plenty of Mexicans that are as white as Northern Europeans.

It can be confusing because the Mexico City metropolitan area lies within DF and parts of the State of Mexico.

However, only the inhabitants of DF can say they live in the capital.

The term ‘third world’ was invented during the Cold War as one of three geopolitical divisions of alignment.

Countries aligned with the US were considered “first world”, those aligned with the Soviet Union were “ the second world”, and non-aligned countries were “ the third world”.

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