Thought catalog dating in new york

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How do so many bedroom-confessional blog posts wind up in one dizzyingly clicky place?

How are staffers dealing with last summer’s strife? Thought Catalog’s origin story starts like so many other startups of its day: with a college dropout. Chris Lavergne was still in school, at the famously unstructured Hampshire College in Massachusetts, when he first conceived of the site: It was to be his senior thesis, a multidisciplinary convergence of literature and computer science.

“On February 1 of 2010, Thought Catalog had 200 visitors.Half a dozen employees are scattered around a few tables full of i Macs.It’s the Monday after the party, and there is still a celebratory mood in the air.There, at The W Loft on Kent Avenue, the scene was uncharacteristically lavish.Waiters carted around hors d'oeuvres as bloggers and online media elite gawked at potted plants, decorative typewriters and what looked to be a real taxidermied bear.

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