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For me, violet is ever so slightly dominant, but held perfectly in check by a sharp green lemon verbena note.

There is also a hint of powdery sharpness from the iris - but again, that is checked by the creamy woodiness of sandalwood.

But this is not that close anymore so can see why people don't get the comparison. Unlike current Body Kouros, and Reflection man - which are hardly any different to earlier incarnations - this genuinely has changed! The scent is more like leaves after a rain, or a cool stream in the forest. You'll be able to get the Opening notes for a while, About 20 minutes, then the heart notes come in with the Violet leaf very present.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to wait for the drydown.

From there it becomes a nice sandalwood/somewhat musky mix of green and violet/iris.

" He took another whiff and stated "It smells amazing." It smells almost like Cool Water but with a touch more herbal and with the iris more present. Honestly I find it too expensive for what it offers besides it smells something outdated. I started wearing Creed in 2004 and probably wore it everyday until I went back to study in 2008. I really am not going to go on anymore, but GIT is not GIT anymore.

For whatever reason I haven't got around to getting a bottle....until now Wow. The fresh, aquatic citrus of the opening and which remained throughout disappears quite quickly giving way to violet leaf and Iris. I actually used to understand the similarity with Cool Water, another ruined scent. GREEN IRISH TWEED The Opening is green, and fresh, but not grassy like.

Where Aventus is sweet, attractive and comfortable in its own right, GIT is near perfection in a gentleman's fragrance.

My only minor criticism is that for me, Green Irish Tweed lacks the staying power that is (or should be) typical of its lofty price point.

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