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You’ll seriously regret that the day you have to change your connection string and have to wade through all the pages in your site looking for connection strings.

The Express Local DB edition of SQL Server that you have used so far enables you to work with databases that are file).

VS is just cautious and adds them to all columns and tables.

You can leave them in, but if you write your own SQL statements you don’t have to include them (although you could if you wanted to).

In this and later chapters you see how to modify the data-bound controls to include validation functionality.

When you dropped the is considered a very good practice.

To see how it works, take a look at the source that VS generated.Therefore, later in this chapter, you see how to extend and customize these controls. Go back to the by selecting that name from the Choose Data Source drop-down list. On the same Smart Tasks panel, select the Enable Inserting item. Open the control’s Properties Grid by pressing F4 and then locate the .Because the database generates this ID automatically, there is no point in letting the user enter a value for it.By centralizing your connection strings you make it much easier to modify them when your database changes (for example, when you switch from a development environment to a production server).Never store your connection strings directly in Code Behind files or in the markup section of the page.

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