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Edwards (who started as a game show host in 1973 on CBS' Hollywood's Talking) also had a popular series in nighttime syndication in 1974 called The New Treasure Hunt.Based on a game show from the Fifties (Treasure Hunt), this Chuck Barris production is my favorite game show of all time.Two contestants on each episode got to choose from thirty wrapped packages displayed centerstage.

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Of course, the items get bigger and bigger per stage. 1st Stage: マジックペン = Marker Pen (Majikku Pen) 印鑑 = Seal Stamp (Inkan) スティックのり = Gluestick (Sutikku Nori) サイリウム = Glowstick (Sairiumu) 2nd Stage: オカリナ = Ocarina (Okarina) ズッキーニ = Zucchini (Zukki-ni) バナナ = Banana (Banana) きゅうり = Cucumber (Kyuuri) 3rd Stage: バット = Baseball Bat (Batto) リモコン = Remote Control (Rimokon) 卒業証書の筒 = Graduation Certificate Case (Sotsugyoushousho no Tsutsu) とうもろこし = Corn Cob (Toumorokoshi) 4th Stage: けん玉 = Kendama (Kendama) へちま = Sponge Cucumber (Hechima) 賀茂ナス = Round Eggplant (Kamo Nasu) フランスパン = French Baguette (Furansu Pan) Final Stage: こけし = Japanese Wooden Doll Figure (Kokeshi) 鉄アレイ = Iron Dumbell (Tetsu Arei) ボウリングのピン = Bowling Pin (Bouringu no Pin) ゴルフのドライバー Golf Driver (Gorufu Doraiba-) Just like the real ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ there are ‘lifelines’ the contestant can use to help them clear a stage.In the game, the presenter Razor Ramon HG (Comedian pair of Razor Ramon Hard Gay), has gathered female contestants who apparently are confident in fitting big things ‘down there’. Contestants must pass 4 stages, in order to reach the final stage.If they clear all the stages they win the grand prize of 1,000,000 yen.In so many cases, the contestant was a large black woman who went absolutely berserk at the prospect of winning a big prize, jumping up and down, screaming at the top of her lungs and pummeling the poor host.This was part game show, part wrestling match - Geoff Edwards often ended the show on the floor or off to the side of the stage!

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