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I’ve read a handful of marriage books and this one is HANDS DOWN the one that made the biggest impression on me! The idea that we all give and receive love in different ways made complete sense!

A few chapters in, I jumped up, ran to grab a highlighter, and I went to town on that sucker! I loved the examples in the book and I was able to easily pinpoint both my husband and my love languages.

We asked several of our Divas to chime in with their own reviews and experiences with this book.

We’d love to hear your own thoughts on this book and how it has affected your marriage, let us know what you thought in the comments!

Things that they will begin implementing immediately.

It isn’t just marriages that it will help with but any important interpersonal relationship you have. For myself, it was so liberating and useful to actually pinpoint what “language” I was speaking.

Not only was this book eye opening, it was practical.

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My husband and I found it humorous reading it together, reflecting on our own relationship.

I read the book for the first time as an assignment in a marriage and family therapy class.

It was hands down the best book I read that semester and over the course of both my career and marriage. It is written in such a user-friendly format that everyone can understand and learn from it.

We also took the quiz just to make sure I was right… It was so fun to see in “black and white” how we could best serve each other.

This book has definitely earned its spot on our bookshelf and I love giving it away to newlyweds as the perfect way to start off their marriage!

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