Text only sex chats like omegle

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They blocked it for a while by using Captcha, but they got more complaints about the captcha than about the bots.I still use Omegle but only use certain tags of which I'm sure people are there to talk, not for 'other' things.I don't know why, or how the matching works, but that is just my experience lately. That said, I've still been finding interesting people with the vanilla text option, but that's more from screening with an interesting gimmicky conversation starter which makes finding bots easy and weeds out people that aren't playful.Too many Again, I role play, so my interests right now are all over the place...From my experience recently, you have a better chance at finding a real person if you put something as your interest.Even if it's jibberish and you don't match with someone with that interest, you will more likely find a real person.Around that point the original college users became parents and more adults suddenly started joining, so the new 98-now kids didn't want to be on the site their parents were on.That got long, but I guess my point was that Facebook's user base did get younger for a period of time before it got older. I joined shortly after Facebook launched for my alma mater and only about a year after I graduated.

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It was more like a Skype or a Kik than a chatroulette or omegle. With the abundance of the bots and spammers, people just grew tired of it all and gave up.

But this is typically a good list: Sfw, chat, funny, reddit, conversation, conversations, convo, convos, (whatever TV show I'm into), (whatever book I'm into), (whatever movies I'm into).

Since you mentioned Shamchat I thought I'd give it a go and got this All jokes aside, convos on there aren't very long and most people are just hetalia or FNa F roleplayers looking for a sexy roleplay session.

Like, when you added them on Kik would it be just another bot trying to get you to pay for porn?

Or is it like a real scam trying to get information and stuff?

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