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Hi Andi, I used to hook up with this guy a couple years ago, and after a while I caught feelings.

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You might actually meet a friends with benefits’ other friends at some point, but a hookup buddy will keep you away from anything related to his actual life at all costs.Casually ask him for the phone number of his very close, very hot, very single friend. If he inquires, respond with, ‘Just wanna share something with him.’ He’ll wonder what you’re ‘sharing.’ Is it an article? Show up to an event he invited you to on Facebook and ignore him all night. He never replied to the cute inside joke image you sent him a week ago, but as soon as he senses that you’re smiling from a mile away, he will seek to destroy that grin. Thus, if you don’t contact him at all, he’ll begin doing it non-stop forever. His weapon of choice will be a single, “You’ve been on my mind a lot lately,” or “I really miss you,” or a classic ambiguous “Hey.” Send him a sext and then immediately write, “Sorry that wasn’t for you.” Something like, “Yeah… However, I do delight in toying with their minds as they have toyed with mine. Be more successful in the same industry he works in. I hate the species of fuckboy more than my constant angry ranting about them to everyone I know can say. Even if you like said musician/filmmaker/writer, put that aside momentarily. He won’t be able to resist debating back and forth for hours upon hours in text form.

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