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Nothing." In 1993 she was asked about a case in Ireland about a 14-year-old rape victim. But her ideals always seemed to take a back seat around her friends, the dictators.Mother T remarked: "Abortion can never be necessary because it is pure killing." Needless to say, M. In 1975, Indira Ghandi imposed martial law in India.Everybody remembers Mother Teresa as a living saint. Or the various brutal dictators and other sleazeballs she hung out with.

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The result is the documentary Something Beautiful for God.The hagiography instantly confers celebrity status on its unknown subject.And the film is followed by a book of the same name.During the two year "state of emergency" she suspended the constitution, imposed censorship on the news media, and arrested her political enemies.Indira's son Sanjay spearheaded an effort in population control for the poor, wherein they were rounded up and forcibly sterilized. In 1981, she flew to Haiti to accept the Legion d'Honneur from Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier.

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