Taraji henson dating lamar odom

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Still, despite the gossip, Henson says she hasn’t lowered her standards. She told Steve Harvey: Henson has never been married, but had to deal with relationship tragedy when her son’s father was murdered when Marcel was just three years old. She has no luck with men due to her (alleged) caustic attitude and fierce independence streak.According to Star magazine, Taraji is “definitely smitten” with Michael, but she “likes to take things slow.” There is no doubt that Taraji has her eye on Michael but We find it hard to believe that Michael reciprocates, especially since he doesn’t date black women.They do explain the origin of their source, though and that’s better than the fake quotes they usually use. Hensen, who is best known for playing Brad Pitt’s adoptive mother in.Star also has quotes from Lara’s stepfather explaining that his daughter broke up with Lamar after confronting him about his relationship with Khloe. Hensen a week before he met Khloe On October 2, Fox Sports Radio host Matt “Money” Smith indicated that the basketball player proposed to another star just a week before he met Khloe, but she turned him down. Indeed, a close friend confirms to In Touch, “There was talk of marriage, but it’s unsure of whether he actually proposed or not.” But Lamar and Khloe’s reps insist there’s no truth to the story.Taraji appeared on Strahan’s popular talk show, Live with Kelly & Michael, last week.

Hayden, a 32-year-old Chicago native, previously played for both the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts, but is currently a free agent. I know you just cannot have two narcissists together. Michael is fertile, but he is just not relationship material.From Hollywoodlife.com: “Michael flirted openly with Taraji on camera, but he wasn’t kidding — off camera, he kept asking her, ‘When can I take you out? Although Taraji didn’t take his advance seriously, she reportedly accepted his offer eventually by drinking and dining with Michael at the Mandarin Oriental, adds Star.They say that as far as Lara knew, she was still with Lamar when she heard the news that he was with Khloe.Star’s source is an “audio message posted on the Internet” allegedly by Lara, which sounds sketchy.

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