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“I entered this esteemed sketchnoting society because others showed me how my thoughts might become deeper with a bit of ink and a willingness to slow down and think.This book exists because I believe we can do the same for our students.“ —Tanny Mc Gregor How can I help my youngest students become writers?She asks a “beautiful question” that pushes her to see new possibilities and put children at the center of her teaching. Play and language are critical learning tools for the prekindergarten child.Through play and language, they learn about their world and about themselves.more In The Book in Question, Carol Jago issues a call to action. Too often, too many students are choosing not to read. Without those stories it can be difficult to empathize with others.And without empathy, I fear we are doomed.” Along... ed vision of what primary-age Spanish-speaking children need to be able to do as competent readers, writers, and language users, and informs every aspect of your literacy teaching.

more Numerical fluency is about understanding Numerical fluency is about understanding, not memorization.

More often than not, they DO know; or at least, they have something to say but are afraid to say it.

Marilyn Pryle argues that we can help students find their voices and deeply understand texts when we invite them to write and share short reading responses.

It comes over time as students engage in active thinking and doing, not endless worksheets and timed tests.

Classroom instruction and materials, however, often don’t feel aligned with these realities. Every year, beloved teacher and author Debbie Miller commits to trying something new.

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