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At the age of 25, Aguinaldo became Cavite el Viejo's first "gobernadorcillo capitan municipal" (Municipal Governor-Captain) while on a business trip in Mindoro."The Successful Revolution of 1896 was masonically inspired, led, and executed, and I venture to say that the first Philippine Republic of which I was its humble President, was an achievement we owe largely, to Masonry and the Masons." On March 7, 1895, Santiago Alvarez whose father was a Capitan Municipal (Mayor) of Noveleta encouraged Aguinaldo to join the "Katipunan", a secret organization led by Andrés Bonifacio, dedicated to the expulsion of the Spanish and independence of the Philippines through armed force.

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On November 3, 1896, the battalion arrived carrying a squadron of 1,328 men and some 55 officers.

He was captured in Palanan, Isabela by American forces on March 23, 1901, which brought an end to his presidency.

In 1935, Aguinaldo ran unsuccessfully for president of the Philippine Commonwealth against Manuel Quezon.

Despite the success, Aguirre did not press the attack and felt the inadequacy of his troops and hastened back to Manila to get reinforcements.

During the lull in the fighting, Aguinaldo's troops reorganized and prepared for another Spanish attack.

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