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If you don’t get relief after six weeks or the pain returns after cortisone therapy wears off, you may want to consider surgery.Arthroscopy (inserting a tiny camera via small incisions) allows the surgeon to assess the shoulder joint and correct the damage that has led to rotator cuff tendinosis.In the past, doctors recommended physical therapy to “thaw out” the joint and restore range of motion.But the physical therapy typically aggravated the condition—and it often did not improve for more than a year.When you’ve got a painful shoulder, you’re reminded of it many times each day.It can hurt when you’re, say, scratching your back, taking off your shirt or washing your hair.

Two approaches that are less invasive than surgery…

Cortisone injections are usually not helpful when frozen shoulder has progressed to severe stiffness, but physical therapy may help restore mobility.

After receiving a cortisone injection, the following exercises should be performed on the recovering shoulder three times a day.

Most people are quick to chalk up shoulder pain to tendinitis, a nagging form of inflammation. New thinking: The shoulder pain thought of as tendinitis is typically a result of tendinosis, a related condition that occurs when the tendons (ropelike cords connecting muscle to bone) begin to deteriorate.

Tendinosis can usually be diagnosed with a physical exam and an X-ray and/or MRI.

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