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Helloit looks like the EA/script for collecting Norton virus definition date does not work with SEP 12.1.4 (while it used to work fine here with up to SEP v.

12.1.2) Product File.html? id=29&fid=145 The reason seems to be they changed the location of the "WHATSNEW.

They would not release each update but would test them and eventually pick the one to release.

That site showed each update and what it fixed and at the top it would show the release version.

To that end I've written a number of scripts to force updates using Intelligent Update \- it uses the built-in Installer binary to install a of def updates.

A nightly job runs on one of our servers to curl the latest update package from Symantec, then distributes via casper syncing.

If not, try again with the previous days' date if [ "$File Listing" == "$Desired Update" ]; then Update Found=1 cp /Volumes/"$Casper DP"/SEP121Updates/$Desired Update /Users/Shared/ cd /Users/Shared/ unzip $Desired Update ## Install the updates installer -verbose -pkg Symantec AVDefs_-target / else ## If we haven't found the update with the current date, it must be a previous date.

It seems that the IPSDefs update is not working properly for the last 15 days or so.

TXT) instead of /Library/Application Support/Symantec/Anti Virus/Engine/WHATSNEW. TXT" I was wondering if anyones has found a way to use and extension attribute to collect virus definition dates for SEP 12.1.4. Carlo Ugh, I am taking a look at that now since this is on my to-do list, and it looks like those paths are going to be changing often.

/bin/bash # Get age of SEP definitions sep Path="/Library/Application Support/Symantec/Antivirus" if [ -f "$sep Path/Engine/WHATSNEW.

TXT" ]; then result=`/bin/date -j -f "%b %d, %Y" "$(cat "/Library/Application Support/Symantec/Anti Virus/Engine/WHATSNEW.

This will be used as a starting point to download the latest definitions Curr Date=`date %Y%m%d` ## A flag to signal the script when the update has been found and downloaded Update Found=0 while [ $Update Found -eq 0 ] do ## The filename is static except for the date it is released, so store this name in a variable ## to change if necessary Desired Update="Nav M_Intel_Installer_"$Curr Date"" ## Use curl to generate a listing of the files on the Symantec website.

Grep out the file that most ## closely resembles the desired update, then clean it up so we have just the filename Raw File Listing=`curl -l | grep $Desired Update` ## Compare the file curl found to the desired update filename.

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