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Search for "Sybil and Luckey" on i Tunes or Soundcloud. Please keep in touch on Twitter and Instagram: @sybil1037!A home for those who love almost everything about The Ticket (1310 AM, 96.7 FM, Dallas-Fort Worth), and who would like to discuss -- respectfully and fondly -- their thoughts on how (and whether) to eliminate the "almost."I am one of many gentleman listeners to The Ticket. Best, it gives us a very helpful framework for considering both Greg's and Richie's account.

" While exchanging foot-tap-to-the-shin alerts under the table with Sybil about Williams' irrational cadence and preposterous content, I attempt to explain to my partner of three years that CBS pink slips would surely beat the CNN news trucks to us.

Buddy says that's partly true but it's a bit misleading. Without ratings sponsors will eventually look elsewhere.

CBS is big enough to keep finding clients willing to give them a shot, but the bigger clients usually leave as soon as their contract is up.

Most of Ra GE's sponsors were on the nickel and dime plan and the few that remained for a long period of time ended up being friends of the show, which can and from what buddy says in a few cases did become problematic.

Wanting special favors, access, deals, and stuff like that. Kinda like the ads, Ra GE and the management before Spittle and the receptionists and everyone else had all gotten way too close.

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