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Hearty congratulations therefore as this firm, of the warp and woof of the community, reaches the honored mark of its 100th birthday.

Management and work crews alike have won an enviable place in the Industrial realm.

Out of Date •TRAFFIC experts in a panel at the motor vehicle 1 administrators’ convention in Victoria during the past week held that fines for driving offences in Can¬ ada and the United States have become too low in rela¬ tion to climbing wages.

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Useful Cards T HE BRITISH ministry of health la carrying out experimental work In some districts which may lead to the issuance of identity cards with details erf personal medical history for everyone In the country.

bid was almost 15.000.000 the giant contract for which was awarded that of the next lowest bidder. He said that he could not The conveyor belts will move make that statement. It is not even safe to go there for an bout or so." He said there has been no es¬ timate of when tt will be safe to re-enter the community. Laing said he will return to his home in Vancouver Sun¬ day and make a report then to the cabinet. By skill snd experience, therefore, as well as by numbers, they task of working out constitutional plan. In mddem times it has pre¬ sented s difficult problem for the makers of constitutions and may also explain anxieties voiced by some of the 60,000 European settlers — mostly farmers and businessmen — when they realized that the era of a colonial rule was ending and that African ma¬ jority government was soon to become a reality. But It will provide a breathing space in which the Somalis can gain some exper- not, as one might expect in selves absolutely strapped for this country, for the benefit staff, to the point where so of the tourist trade. This new era ot ience of running their own af self - government will b e g i n I lairs without the fear of being after the May elections, when! The machine came up with tiveae facts worth me* Rob about aamealioaablea: Women pay •• "■‘’h ■*’ tendon ia bra palter** a* they do hat rtyle*.

But it haa sand, gravel and silt from a been reported that the convey- Continued from Page I Nf£iw*i regrouped and started One of the Negroes tried to more marches. The largest tribe; the Ki¬ kuyu, has produced a great many of Kenya's present po¬ litical leaders Including, of course, Mr. Living as they do in the area between Nairobi, the capital, and the Rift Valley and "White Highlands," where so, —. - many of the European settlers »" African prime minister and | government. under the weight of a Nairobi a full cabinet will take over ! ATLANTA (API — An electronic computer waa re¬ cently fed distaff data from s company’s annual 134. High school and rallege girts khe frills a ad ribbons but after the honeymoo B. Mori girls prefer white brea throughout Ue year, but rhnaee red.

l ain plus, raftered Shatters D-U I* on Page t) m-au Vancouver Island's Leading Newspaper Since 1858 38 P\GES VICTORIA, BRITISH- COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, MAY I 1963 No. Nxifser has told Utem bluntly in unity talks last month that they will be -ubroerswd in his own one- , party system unde, ihe pro- HAY RIVER. About 1.100 of the- town's 1.000 residents ate still on Ihe i. An airlift had evacuated 7U0 Wednesday and Thursday. Lain- staid that all I bone I remaining on the island who have no direc t hutifehe.-. Prompted Ihe judge lo bar grammar students from his courtroom. Hlrd whtn they reached the waiting patrolmen and w. “That sure was fast work,” Continued no Page l le - Row BIRMINGHAM, Ala. * * * On two occasions watrr ■ui Ln hoaes were used to cut the leg* from under Negro march* tt. The « sill c Ibu Ih - LOf^x-d evrn Hra Br^la A Thur*diy - firm nsiriiinn #■» ^*1 which brought 750 arrets ■- nd in Ihe hooka ■■ 4T W4 I then-largest racial p rot rat in j the history of the segregated I B Jk i deep south. Stier took it under consideration The trial was recessed, but not before Stier vowed he never would permit grammar school students into his court again. O frtmi..•» RHODODENDRONS — Elizabeth, red; Unique, yellow: Jean Marie Montague, red. it doesn't neces¬ sarily mean what you might suspect. live poor guy is merely try¬ ing to keep her happy. One British newspaper has described it as the "Seven Citadels'' plan, because it pro¬ vides for aeven regional gov ernments In Kenya, as well ar the national government to be established in Nairobi.

Death toll in plane, homes and a connected accident was close to 45. Iraq and Egypt Tile break-up of the Syrian cabinet and Ihe ruling Nalional | Revolutionary Party lefl Ihe i nationalistic Ra ath Socialist party In control of llie country, idiablc source? GROUP RELUCTANT The Histlnxu, of Syria en- tored the federation lalkx re- 1 luc Ur,;ly. He said the (rermans Charge 24 In 2,500,000 Dcalhs j Fulton Plans Likely Today KAMLOOPS (CPI -E. FRANKFURT, West Gei many «was made after three medical officer's declared the entiie island ins aft . The marchers, following the: twite of slain civil rights crusader William Moore, lay down on Ihe ,i. say population Friday rose up in massive protest against mimed, or segregation for the second consecutive day and police pr$«e that ust K j hi^h-powered fire hoses md snapping police dogs afrord to py, down the demonstrations. The DA is trying to railroad him ” The Juror passed the note to a court attendant and said someone had tned to tamper with his objectivity. Stier de¬ manded the spectator Vho passed the note lo identify himself. 1 * Defence counsel Sam Segal made a mo Hon for a mi-trial. • * JUST ARRIVED* * PINK 9Q95 MAGNOLIAS, «J95 DOGWOODS... MEMBER of th.- fed¬ eral civil service brass these days is spotted buying a box of bon-bons or a pot of posies for his steno. * * * It used to be that one of the things that kept the capi¬ tal more or less in pace with life in the rest of Canada was the steady influx of brightly ambitious young girls from what Ottawa, in its insular wsy, regards as “The Outside.’ into the secretarial and steno¬ graphic ranks of the federal service. Certain revenues, such as Kenya will be concentrating' 1 " Kenya, and the search for I persuaded the leaders of the gasoline tax and customs du their interest and energies on internal stability, have been'two major parties to go intoj ties, will be shared with the a general election which Is to made more difficult than in I coalition. It also means the start of a unique political experiment, which other African states will be watching with the keenest Interest—an attempt to meet the Jealousies and rivalries of tribal differences by Introduc¬ ing a "regional'’ system ol government within a unitary state.

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