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“I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous you look tonight.” Relieved, I told him, “You look pretty good yourself, babe.” It was true. Lit by the dim streetlight, I could just see the curve of his lips as he smiled, teasing me.He might have a couple more lines at the corners of his eyes than when we met, but that just made his smile look better. “And if they do, they’ll just be jealous.” I shivered as his fingers slid up my thigh; if I was honest, the open air and the thrill of maybe being seen just added to the excitement and I knew that when he got where he was going he’d find me already wet.I couldn’t help myself; I leaned back against the alley wall, pushing my hips against his hand.He kissed me again, stifling my gasp as his thumb circled my clit, teasing my opening with his fingers.Forget all you’ve heard about fat girls doing their nails while doing phone sex. We have the best phone sex operators Your #1 So many fantasies to explore.We love exploring your fetishes with you, pushing you to new limits every time.I knew I wouldn’t find anybody more attractive to me than my husband inside that club. “Because I can’t wait to show off my beautiful wife.” He leaned down and kissed me, and not a gentle brush of the lips either; a hard, passionate kiss with his fingers tangled in my hair that had me arching up against him. He caught his breath as his fingers reached the top of my stocking, running round to find the suspenders. ” I smiled, still trying to wriggle away (but if I was honest, not very seriously). I’m not going to risk ruining the mood by having to take my tights off!

Greg, with his greater experience, did some research on the internet looking at online dating sites for swingers.I was amazed at some of the things he told me about; watching a virtual stranger with your partner, mutual masturbation with couples fucking in the same room, sex with multiple partners … Just the thought of introducing strangers into our sex life, other hands and tongues and dicks and pussies, got me hot.In fact we had some of the best nights together as he told me his stories and they slowly became our fantasies.I straightened up, tugging down my skirt, and smiled at my husband. He took my hand as we walked towards the swingers club. ” “Right.” I squeezed his hand, grateful for his support as I was still wobbling a little on the tarmac in my heels. Greg and I had been married for six years, and our daughter had been born four years ago.“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” he reminded me. “And the same goes for you.” “I mean it,” Greg insisted. With all the experiences and responsibilities that came with being parents, our sex life had taken a back seat, and it wasn’t until about a year ago that we started looking for ways to make things more lively.

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