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In 1930, the TUC sold fifty-one percent of the Daily Herald to Odhams Press, publisher of The People.

The Daily Herald subsequently became the first UK paper to sell over two million copies daily, making it the biggest selling newspaper in the world at that time.

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An old archive edition of the The Sun newspaper is a very memorable birthday or anniversary gift.

The newspaper was printed weekly for the next five years before resuming daily production from 1919.

The Daily Herald became the official newspaper of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in 1922 and thus supported the Labour Party.

The Daily Herald was initially an independent left wing paper, printed periodically during strike periods to offer its unconditional support to the strikers.

It was published daily between January and April in 1911 and then from 15th April 1912 until 1914.

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Two days after purchasing the paper, Murdoch re-launched the Sun in tabloid format.Thus the front page announced:“The Sun is politically free.It will not automatically support or censure any party or any Government.The TUC sold their remaining forty-nine percent shareholding in 1964, allowing IPC to re-launch the Daily Herald as ‘The Sun‘.The first edition of the Sun was printed on 15th September 1964.

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