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(2)Police investigated 118,910 incidents of family violence in 2016 or about one every 5 minutes. There were more than 101,955 investigations in 2014 and 95,101 in 2013.

It is not clear whether the increase is due to an increase in violence or an increase in people reporting family violence incidents.

(6)14% of young people report being hit or physically harmed on purpose by an adult at home in the last 12 months.

(7)20% of girls and 9% of boys in New Zealand report unwanted sexual touching or being forced to do sexual things.

C., Fleming, T., Bullen, P., Denny, S., Crengle, S., Dyson, B., Fortune, S., Lucassen, M., Peiris-John, R., Robinson, E., Rossen, F., Sheridan, J., Teevale, T., Utter, J. Auckland, New Zealand: The University of Auckland https://nz/assets/fmhs/faculty/ahrg/docs/2012prevalence-tables-report.pdf(8) Ibid(9) Family Violence Death Review Committee.

The ABS will be carrying out scheduled website maintenance between 4pm and 7pm Thursday 19 July (Canberra time).

The index provides further information on the Icelandic labour market.

Where fathers and step-fathers were the perpetrators, 81% were the result of fatal inflicted injuries. Counting the Prevalence of Different Types of Intimate Partner Violence Reported by New Zealand Women. Retrieved June 2014 from noting also that IPV-related deaths include the deaths of new (male) partners of women, by the woman’s ex-partner.(12b) New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse Data Summaries Snapshot, July 2016 quoting Statistics New Zealand. Annual Recorded Offences for the latest Calendar Years (ANZSOC).

The remaining 19% were a result of Filicide and parental suicide.(5) Ministry of Justice (2015).

(3)In the four years from 2009 to 2012, an average of 13 women, 10 men, and 9 children were killed each year as a result of family violence24% of women and 6% of men report having experienced sexual assault in their lifetime.

(5)Disabled women are about twice as likely to be victims of violence or abuse compared to other women.

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