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This event looks like so much fun, I wish we had casual events like this here in Chicago, especially since Stanford encourages lifetime social interaction with the community and properly sees it’s role as larger than simply current students.

They state “Events are open to all students, alumni, members of the greater Stanford community, and the general public.” Chicago university leaders, take note!

Speed Dating sessions are offered only for 18 attendees. Please email us at [email protected] any questions/concerns or see us during our operating hours!

See more on the event page Mix and Mingle Social Singles Meetup. Meet new people in a comfy environment, a perfect spot for socializing.

"But women interrupt each other all the time when they're just talking to friends.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days; Photo: Everett Contrary to every dating guide published and my mother's oft-delivered advice, if women want to be good first dates, a new study argues, they should talk about themselves. Stanford sociologist Daniel Mc Farland, the author of a recent report in the , says he decided to research "best practices" for dating because of the reams of conflicting information on the subject.

"We knew there are tons of self-help books on how to date and how people match," he says.

Both women and men feel a spark when the woman is the focal point of the conversation.

Especially surprising, women weren't turned off when men interrupted them.

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